The Kite Trust’s trustees represent a wide variety of skills, experiences and backgrounds. If you need to get in touch with our board of trustees, they can be reached at

  • Ellie Devries
    Ellie Devries Trustee
  • Neil Reavey
    Neil Reavey Trustee

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    Neil is an Associate Director at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals and lives in Cambridge with his husband Nick and their beloved border terrier, Dexter. Neil has been an active campaigner for workplace LGBTQ+ inclusion for several years and has co-founded and led LGBTQ+ employee networks for AstraZeneca in the US and the UK. In early 2019 he also became co-chair of a new cross-sector organisation, the Proud Science Alliance. Above all, Neil believes in the power of community and the ability of LGBTQ+ people to stand up for one another when it matters most.

  • Ceri Littlechild
    Ceri Littlechild Chair of Trustees

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    Ceri works at Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridgeshire as Head of Operations. She has a background in arts charities and in the public sector. Her experience includes financial management, governance, reporting, administration and relationship development. She has a passion for the arts and is a strong advocate for more equal society.

  • Dr. Catherine Lee
    Dr. Catherine Lee Trustee

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    Dr Catherine Lee (pronouns she/her) is the Deputy Dean for Education at Anglia Ruskin University. She is a secondary school teacher by background and her university research is focused on LGBTQ+ inclusion in schools.

    Working with Schools across the UK, Catherine helped to set up Courageous Leaders, the UK’s only LGBTQ+ leadership programme for teachers. This has been really successful and has helped LGBTQ+ teachers achieve school leadership roles, lead on equality and diversity and become out role models for the young people they work with.

    Catherine’s commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion has been recognised with a nomination for a Diva Award and in 2019, Catherine featured on the Pride Power list as one of the UK’s most influential LGBTQ+ people.

    Catherine is the author of two books about LGBTQ+ inclusion in schools. Heteronormativity in a Rural School Community tells the story of Catherine’s own struggles as a teacher living and working in a rural school and Courage in the Classroom shares the stories of other LGBTQ+ teachers and makes practical recommendations for how schools can be LGBTQ+ inclusive.


  • Catherine Allen
    Catherine Allen Trustee

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    Catherine is a chartered accountant and works for the Group Reporting team at Cambridge University Press, where she is a proud member of their LGBT+ network. She completed her ACA at KPMG, where she led financial audits across a wide range of organisations in the public and private sector. In her spare time she enjoys reading, weightlifting, acquiring houseplants and playing nerdy board games with her friends.


  • Millie Wadkin
    Millie Wadkin Trustee

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    Millie is a young person who has been using the services at The Kite Trust since 2016. She helped to organise and run The Kite Trust’s 2019 residential ’camp camp’ as a young leader. In her spare time she enjoys rock climbing, playing video games and playing airsoft.


  • Emily Kell
    Emily Kell Trustee

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    Emily (she/they) is Head of Programmes at The Diana Award, a youth charity that fosters, develops and inspires positive change in the lives of young people. With a background in the third sector, Emily has worked with several youth charities to deliver education programmes across the UK for young people aged 5-25. Emily is also an experienced Designated Safeguarding Lead. Outside of work, Emily volunteers as a Scout Leader for their local group and is passionate about educational equality and social mobility.

  • Alicia Bruce
    Alicia Bruce Trustee

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    Alicia has been a young person at The Kite Trust since 2016. She was part of the development of Camp Camp 2019 and had a role in securing a big grant for the charity. In her day job she works as a teaching assistant at a local primary school and hopes to one day be an LGBT+ youth worker herself.


  • Jack Lilley
    Jack Lilley Trustee

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    Jack currently works as a Communications Manager for the Centre of Strategic Philanthropy at the University of Cambridge. Jack grew up as a gay man in rural Norfolk and wished he could have received the same support and community spirit The Kite Trust now provides for LGBTQ+ youth.


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