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Donate to The Kite Trust today and help LGBTQ+ young people unlock their potential

As a Kite Flyer you are investing in the future of LGBTQ+ young people

Benefits of becoming a Kite Flyer

As a Kite Flyer you will:

  • receive a ‘The Kite Trust’ pin badge
  • enjoy free tickets to our annual Queer Valentines celebration and receive invitations to exclusive reception events
  • be offered reduced entry rates to races like the Cambridge Half Marathon
  • receive regular news and updates from The Kite Trust

You can help make a real difference to the lives of LGBTQ+ young people

Sometimes, LGBTQ+ young people hit a crisis. At times like these, The Kite Trust is often a lifeline. As a Kite Flyer, your regular gift will enable us to continue to support families like the Furlongs.

  • I am the father of two sons and have always been. The only difference between me and every other dad of two boys is that one was born a girl. We all know our kids are special. The Kite Trust is helping my son to become amazing.

    Terry Furlong
  • The Kite Trust was a lifeline for Noah and our family at a time when we did not know who to turn to and the staff have been a constant support throughout his journey. As a parent, it was a huge relief to know that Noah had found an organisation and a group of people who could help him be his truest and best self. And the monthly Parents' Group provides a safe place to share experiences with parents of other transgender young people.

    Hannah Furlong
  • It is hard for me to explain exactly how much The Kite Trust has changed my life, because it is, frankly, just too difficult to imagine where I would be now without their continued, unquestioning support.

    Noah Furlong

How to become a Kite Flyer?

To become a Kite Flyer select one of the buttons below to set up a regular monthly payment via a direct debit.

Alternatively set up a standing order – email us and we can send you our bank details or donate via our Local Giving Page via this link.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this scheme, please do get in touch

Become a Kite Flyer and help LGBTQ+ young people unlock their potential

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