LBT Womens’ Health Week.

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The week of the 8th-12th March 2021 marks LBT Women’s Health Week. The Kite Trust recognises this week as a time to increase the awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer women’s health inequalities. This week is an opportunity for members of the LGBTQ+ community to find resources, highlight personal stories and to make it easier for service providers to empower service users.

Our personal aim of this week is to encourage local communities to support LBT women in finding support that hears their personal trials, provides appropriate guidance and celebrate our differences.

From Mental Health services, to Sexual Health Clinics, a GP check up to A&E. LBT women often face a lack of education and awareness from providers on the help and support needed in a range of healthcare situations. We could emphasise the national statistics, the averages, the percentages. Because there are so many. But we know the very real impact right here in Cambridgeshire. Knowing that we hoped to share the stories of LBT people in the area a member of the local community shared:

–  “When asking a GP what I could do to prevent my same sex partner from getting HPV the reply I gained was “well I don’t know what you people do”, you could ask ICash” – Anonymous source 2021

It is shown here that it is not simply the availability of resource. But the attitudes expressed in a healthcare setting towards LBT people. Of course, this is not always the case and we know many situations are handled positively. However, LBT Women’s Health Week gives us all an opportunity to ensure every LBT women is treat with dignity, respect and knowledge and experiences like these are shared to service provides to celebrate those who support, empower and provide; but also to share resources and learning opportunities for those who may not yet provide the level of care we all deserve.

While many healthcare websites have taken positive steps in the inclusion of sexual health guidance for Lesbian and Bisexual women on its online presence. It is important to recognise the importance of how gendered healthcare can prevent members of the LGBTQ+ community finding appropriate information for them. Join us this week in celebrating those who share inclusive support and guidance; Join us in asking service providers to take action, provide appropriate resources and hear our stories. Join #LBTWomensHealthWeek21.

Written by Bee Newboult – Volunteer.

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