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This page is and will grow as our library of articles and resources for LGBTQ+ young people seeking information and support. From fiction and films to self-help guides and other organisations, we’ll be adding content to help you find sources of information, entertainment and more. If you’d like to review a book, film, game, TV […]

Dykes To Watch Out For

When I began, tentatively, to come out as bisexual during my teens, my list of queer role models was fairly short. I had read and absorbed and wept over the gay relationships in Mary Renault’s novels; I knew there was something inexplicably sapphic about Keira Knightley in Bend it Like Beckham and Anna Chancellor in The Hour; but […]

Employment and Benefits Support

Whilst coming along to groups at The Kite Trust, or accessing one-to-one support from us, can help you to develop skills and confidence for employment, other project locally provide opportunities to work on this too. Centre 33 work across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and can provide a range of advice, including support in information related to […]

My Experience of Asexuality

As many young people still are today, I was brought up in a generation in which sex dominated the media (whether that be music, films, TV shows, newspapers, magazines or social media). Growing up, it was most noticeable to me within the lyrics of pop chart music. I frequently found myself singing along to this […]

Podcast Transcriptions

Have you seen we have a podcast? You can listen online here or wherever you access your podcasts from! For anyone who might not be able to access this content in audio format, some of our volunteers have been working hard to transcribe the interviews. Here are links to the ones that have been completed […]

What I’m watching: SOTUS the series

(2016, first season streaming on Netflix) Seniority. Order. Tradition. Unity. Spirit.   No, not an alternative acronym for the Pride flag – but the motto of a Thai Faculty of Engineering, in this unexpectedly adorable romantic drama available on Netflix.   SOTUS tells the story of Kongpob, a confident and popular freshman engineering student, and his defiance of […]

A Gay History of Cambridgeshire, Part 1: Cambridge’s Notable LGBTQ+ residents

Over its 800-year history, Cambridge University has taught countless numbers of LGBT+ students. We all know some of the more recent names: national treasures Ian McKellan, Sandi Toskvig, Stephen Fry and Sue Perkins have all lived and studied in the city we call home.   Here are three other queer alumni you should know about:  Edward Carpenter (1844-1929) was […]

A Gay History of Cambridgeshire, Part 2: Monuments to LGBTQ+ Relationships

Civil partnerships have been legal in the UK since 2004, and gay marriage even more recently. And whilst the Church of England has been tying itself in knots with whether they approve of gay unions, it may surprise you to learn that there are two centuries-old monuments in Cambridge college chapels that commemorate male relationships.   […]

Glossary of Terms

Gender Cisgender – A person who identifies with their assigned gender Transgender – A person who does not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. This is an umbrella term that may cover a wide range of experiences Non-binary – A person who does not identify as either ‘man’ or ‘woman’. This is […]

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